CCTV Drainage Survey

Equipped with the latest CCTV technology, Draintek can survey the entirety of your drainage system in order to help locate and tackle whatever problems you are facing, whether it be a blockage, leak or a faulty or damaged pipe.

We use this technology because it is the least disruptive way of finding the causes of your drainage issues, as it allows us to carry out a complete survey of the pipe system while allowing us to avoid having digging down to find the problem.

Having to excavate and dig down is a very destructive and messy process, not to mention time consuming and costly. Due to these inconveniences and added cost, we prefer to avoid this method if we can.  Compiling a CCTV drainage survey allows us to identify problems in a shorter amount of time, making our overall service more efficient and cost effective.

Fault Reporting

When the survey is complete, Draintek will provide you with a full technical report, detailing all problems, if any, with your system and we will inform you of how we recommend you should proceed with any repairs.



This service provides essential information for someone looking to buy a new property. New homeowners can rest easy after a drainage survey, knowing that there will be no nasty or expensive surprises a few years down the line. This ensures that you can take that step of buying property safe in the knowledge that the pipe system has no faults and doesn’t need any repairs done.

A must have for an insurance claim!

The CCTV drainage survey is also extremely useful when looking to build on your current land or add an extension to your home. Our CCTV technology is able to identify the location of every pipe that could potentially be in the way of new building work and will help to avoid bumping into any obstacles during building work which could result in expensive damage.

Planning on building a new extension to your home?

If you are planning to make a claim to an insurance company for any damage to your pipes then the report produced by this service will provide the basis for your claim, and the cost should be covered in the settlement of any successful claim against your insurance company.